Unexpected Trip To Mussoorie with Friends

Hello Friends, I am from Delhi. Braving a daily battle of hectic schedules, I have set myself from office to home & then again in morning home to office, makes my life dull. It becomes a daily routine of mine. I am looking for a break now. Wanted to visit some of the trip or tour. Although, it is necessary to take a refreshment from daily boring stuff. I talked to  the three of my closest friends to plan up for goa. Shubham, Raju & Ramesh. Raju wants to visit Mussoorie. Though, shubham & ramesh agreed on it. Even, I also loved it to visit such a wonderful place. 

I have heard about it often as my cousins have been there for 3 years in a hostel, pursuing IHM from Dehradun. He used to tell me a lot about dehradun’s nice place - guchhu pani, Tapkeshwar temple, mussoorie lake, Malsi Deer park. 

I along with my friends have started a visit next morning. It would take 6 hours to reach from delhi to dehradun ISBT. There, we have rented out a room to rest in ISBT. Dehradun is also a best place to visit. We visited there, to the nearby ISBT buddhist monestry. It was kind of museum, with so many sculpture & art is crafted out in images of demons & gods. Raju are taking up the pictures with Nikon dslr. It was a nice one.

Like my cousin Neeraj, told me that dehradun too have so many interesting places to visit, naming Tapkeshwar, sahastradhara, guchhu pani. He knew all this, as he had spend almost a year there. A year is enough to hang out, in all these wonderful places. That time, neeraj wasn’t in dehradun as he already went out to village. Next morning, we went to the dehradun- mussoorie bus stand. As,  we won’t get the bus from Dehradun ISBT. I forgot the name of that place from where we had got the convenience. We four of us, had sitted in a group of two, Raju & ramesh, I with shubham. The distance from dehradun to mussoorie was around 40 km taking 2 hours to reach mussoorie stand. Mussoorie is located in an upper altitude of dehradun. That’s the reason, why mussoorie get so much previlege than dehradun.There we had visited a local tea store nearby.. Shubham said that it’s better to come here during winter season. The snow fall makes the mussorie more beautiful. “Dhanaulti is the best to visit during winter”, one of the listener from behind us sitting on the table said. He added “ Dhanaulti gets a huge attention due to its heavy ice fall, in the month of December & January”. Raju asked “Chacha tell us other places to hang around here”,Thereafter we move further to visit mussoorie lake. It was around 6 km far away from the Mussoorie bus stand there. There are other people who visited often with family & friends. Mussoorie lake is one of the best places to visit. We did boating there. The weather was so cold that it feels good to be with sunshine. Really opposite of the delhi. Shubham took few  pictures with the dslr. The pictures was nice & why it wouldn’t be, with such a beautiful place. Now these pictures soon going to be published on Insta & facebook. The trip was unexpected but amazing.

I wish to be there once again, as it was unexpected but now i will plan for it with my friends to visit during November as Black Friday 2019 are coming. A good discount offers we can expected on booking for the hotel room charges there.

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